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We are happy to offer you this free “Fast Start” set of tutorials to help you learn how to get your business online quickly. The easiest way for you to do that is to focus on generating leads and making sales online. Of course, we also offer paid content within this site that makes getting online faster and easier. We invite you to check that out as well.
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The ‘Free Fast Start Content’ tab at the top of this website contains great free content to help you understand how to get your business online fast. Below is information on the content offered in that tab.

1) Audios
We are in the midst of an 8 teleseminar overview series called “The 8 Building Blocks to Build your Business 1 Product at a Time”, designed to make sure you understand all of the components required to generate  leads and bring your products online. Access to these audios and details on the time for the next live teleseminar are in the Audios tab.    section of the ‘Free Fast Start Content’ tab at the top of this website.

You’ll learn how to get your cash machine operating on the Internet quickly. We’ll go over the websites and marketing pieces you need to have in place in the right order to generate leads and sales.

2) Free Fast Start Basics
Go to the ‘Free Fast Start Content’ tab above to get access to our complete tutorials on getting your first websites online. In this module, you’ll learn how to get a domain name (URL), where to ‘host’ that domain so your website can be live on the internet, how to create a webpage (HTML page), and how to upload it to the internet.

3) Landing Pages
Click on this tab above to discover 5 strategies you can use to leverage the power of your Landing (Optin) Pages to build your list. You’ll receive an audio, as well as our powerpoint that accompanies the presentation.

4) 21 Building Blocks
In this tab, you’ll gain access to our audio about the 21 core building blocks to build your business, as well as the logical steps in which to proceed to build your online presence. (Audio and pdf report)

5) Online Tools We Use
We’ve summarized the key tools we use to operate the online portion of our business, and this is where we share them with you. You’ll have access to an audio and pdf list.